ADMIN squad

A single provider as the result of an integration of a set of basic services, aiming to entrust us with all or part of your information system (IS), on a fixed-price basis, with a defined level of services and duration.

Managed Services

Outsourcing all or part of the management and operation of the IS.

We will advise you on how to implement a new architecture and the solutions chosen in accordance with Best Practices.

A complete package

Transition Project Process One-Stop-Shop Tools Commitments

Embrace the Cloud with our Managed Services

Commitments, Monitoring and Service Continuity 

ITSM, Process and CMBD tools 

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A One-Stop-Shop

A personalised and dedicated service portal with a search engine on the customer's knowledge base

A single point of entry

Granular reporting: Incident, Request, Change, Problem

Satisfaction surveys

Customer access rights and permissions

Personalised monitoring of SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Customizable workflows


Our engineers and experts work in accordance with ITIL processes and policies.

Requests Incidents Changes Problems Production Availability CMDB


+33 (0)1 89 54 78 92


Consultant Area

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Immeuble Anoual Capital Center
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