SysOps must respect the release process while making deployments faster, more functional and standard.

SysOps exploits the components of a hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure (hardware, virtualisation, operating system, network equipment, storage, hyper-convergence, Cloud provider) with an "Infrastructure as a Code" method and tooling. This industrialisation allows the continuous deployment and integration (CI/CD) required by DevOps teams.

Our experts recommend the use of a suite of solutions to operate your infrastructure according to your standards and business needs.

Ansible is a solution for performing deployments, task execution and configuration management on multiple machines at the same time. It is agent-less and uses SSH to set up the actions to be performed.

Terraform allows SysOps to define and commission an infrastructure that has components from different vendors using a single configuration language called Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL).

Kubernetes or K8S is an open source system that aims to provide a platform to automate the deployment, scaling and implementation of application containers on server clusters.

Calm provides advanced policy-based governance, allowing applications to be automatically provisioned in public clouds, with full visibility of costs and usage.

The inter-connection between your ITSM tools and Infra as a Code solutions will ensure that your infrastructure is operated in accordance with ITIL processes.


Analysis of all your applications, interdependencies and data

Monitoring the health of your infrastructure and flows


Application performance management


Data and security event management


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