CYBER squad

Migrate your apps their dependencies to the cloud while keeping your data secure.

Audit & Remediation

Anakot offers the necessary know-how in terms of compliance, risk management and identity management

We provide you with recommendations pertaining to regulation, norms and best practices, new architectures and solutions implementation (ANSSI, LPM, EBIOS, ISO27001, MTSB).
A complete package

Identity & Access ManagementBackupPKI managementRecoveryEncryptionBusiness Continuity & Resilience Planning

Reenforce your security

Audit, strategy & Remediation Plan

Norms, methods & tooling

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Account Management

Centralize user account management with Active Directory, attribute roles and leverage the "least privilege" principle. Implement two-factor authentication and conditional access.

Environment Separation

Separate development, staging and production environment.


Leverage systematic auditing, logging and security monitoring.

Secure Communication

Secure your communications with Network Layer 3-4-7 protection mechanisms (Network Security Group, DDoS Protection, Cloud Firewall, Application Gateway WAF)

Secure Data

Encrypt data on disk (VM disks, storage accounts, databases...), keys and secrets (Key Vaults) and access (TLS, SSH).


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