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We are able to determine the best evolution path for your infrastructure and products by choosing the technologies best adapted to your budget constraints, deadlines, security concerns, etc.


Our hybrid solutions are perfect for persistent legacy software.

Make your apps compatible with private & public cloud architectures.

Security and budget optimisation are integral to our methodology.

A complete package

Risk identificationMigration strategyAllotmentPlanificationModernizationIndustrializationDeploymentCost optimisationProfit

Leverage the Cloud to accelerate your growth

Audit, Project Management & Migration Factory 

End-to-end support

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Assess your eligibility to migrate to the cloud and the associated risks

Map out your information system

Identify key performance, network and storage metrics, and define your target architecture

Plan your migration

Evaluate project investment: foundation, migration, deployment and running costs

Define the kind of solutions and services that suit your needs; Cloud, IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS, hybrid architectures, serverless, Container, NoSQL, resources, microservices, elasticity, infinite scalability, autoscaling, resilience, etc

An assessment enables you to choose the best cloud strategy for your needs

Auditing your IS will precisely mapp your application and their interdependencies, crucial to orchestrate a migration.



Real-time resource allocation dependent on your activity



Allows your apps to simultaneously serve millions of users without impacting your response times



Guarantee continuous activity and business recovery in case of emergency



Quickly rebuild and deploy your apps



Easily transition from development to production

The optimal architecture built on industry standards and best practices, that will satisfy all your requirements in terms of availability, security, performance and budget, all without disturbing the development for your business.


We ensure that the Private & Public Cloud architecture and migration patterns match your ambitions, while the industry methods, tools and automation ensure risk management.


This is the simplest and fastest approach.

This involves moving machines from legacy data centres directly into the cloud.

We will intervene on a case-by-case basis in the modernisation of the system layer (OS version, type of server, etc.).

The advantage of this method is that it requires little effort, as the application is not modified.


Migrate an application from its original platform to the cloud where it will become operational 24 hours a day, while preserving its functionality.

A preliminary phase of technological modernisation.

Move away from a vertical scalability model (application servers, relational database management systems, etc.) to horizontal scalability (datastores-as-a-service, light servers with open source software, services hosted in the cloud, etc.)


Making the most of the benefits of the cloud.

Cloudification is the complete transformation of an application so that it can be adapted to cloud architectures.

The application is redesigned: auto-scaling, loadbalancing, auto-repair...

An application originally designed for a historical datacenter can thus become "cloud ready".


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