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Benefit from the expertise of specialists for the integration of your CRM solution. We guide you in selecting the most appropriate option, based on your requirements and our know-how. We'll deploy the solution, and provide change management support to ensure your project's success.

Anakot's end-to-end CRM offering

Designed to provide a complete vision,

Audit, design, integration and development of your modules.

A dedicated team specialized in the market-leading solutions Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

Data centralization - Single contact database

360° sales force management (quotes, opportunities, etc.)

Customer experience management

Marketing tracking and automation

Real-time business reporting and automated dashboards

 We offer a tailor-made methodology and consulting approach,

from audit to implementation of your CRM software, including user training.

We provide operational, project management and specific development services.

A complete package

Advice Selection assistance Solution design CRM integration Salesforce expertise Dynamics expertise Change management User training

Optimize your customer relationship management and maximize the impact of every interaction,

no matter where you are!

Offer your sales teams innovative resources that will transform the way they work:

flexibility, responsiveness, in-depth customer understanding, greater efficiency...

Boost your productivity and increase your teams' performance tenfold.




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Customer data centralization

All your customer information in one place, making it easy for the whole company to access and manage customer data.  

Advanced analysis and reporting

Analysis features help you understand your market trends, customer behavior and marketing campaign effectiveness, facilitating data-driven decision-making. 

Optimizing marketing campaigns

Segment customers and target marketing campaigns more effectively, increasing your marketing ROI.

Improved customer relationship management

A 360-degree view of each customer, a personalized approach to improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increase your productivity

Integrated automation and organization tools reduce the time spent on administrative tasks, boosting team productivity.

Efficient sales management

Track sales opportunities, manage your sales pipeline and forecast revenues more accurately

Launching a CRM project without well-defined specifications is a risky business.

At the heart of the adoption of a CRM solution lies a primordial human dimension. It's not enough to draw up an inventory of technical specifications. Thinking about the project is more crucial than the file itself.

Consider future usage scenarios. Take time to think about your customers' experience. Engage your sales, marketing and customer support teams in this process.

We support you every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to your new strategic objectives. With tailor-made strategies and ongoing support, we turn challenges into opportunities, fostering buy-in from your teams and ensuring the lasting success of your evolution.

What is a CRM in a company?

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is vital for optimizing interactions between a company and its customers.

It centralizes customer data, enabling personalized relationship management to improve satisfaction and loyalty.

CRMs automate sales and marketing processes, reducing manual tasks and increasing the effectiveness of targeted campaigns.

They facilitate responsive, personalized customer service thanks to rapid access to interaction history.

Integrated analysis tools offer valuable insights into customer performance and preferences, helping to make data-driven decisions.

What's more, cloud-based CRM solutions ensure constant accessibility to information, essential for greater responsiveness and flexibility in modern business.

In short, a CRM is essential for any company seeking to strengthen customer relations and boost productivity.

Why consider cloud CRM software (SaaS) for your business?

Opting for cloud-based (SaaS) CRM software offers your company flexibility, accessibility and efficiency.

Accessible from anywhere, these systems keep your teams connected to customer data and business processes in real time, essential in a dynamic business environment.

The cloud eliminates the need for heavy investment in IT infrastructure, reducing costs and simplifying maintenance and upgrades.

What's more, CRM cloud solutions guarantee enhanced data security and rapid disaster recovery.

They easily adapt to your changing needs, offering scalability that supports business growth without compromising performance.

In short, a cloud CRM (SaaS) enhances internal collaboration, optimizes customer relationship management and supports decision-making based on up-to-date data, propelling your business towards greater efficiency.

How do you choose the right CRM solution?

To choose the right CRM solution, you need to start by clearly defining your business needs and objectives. Identify essential functionalities, such as contact management, sales automation, integrated marketing and customer service.

Look for a solution that offers an intuitive user interface and a fluid user experience to facilitate adoption by your teams.

Compatibility with your existing tools is crucial for smooth integration.

Evaluate the flexibility and scalability of CRM to support your company's growth.

Consider data security and regulatory compliance as non-negotiable criteria.

Finally, take a look at the support and assistance services offered by the supplier to ensure a smooth transition and trouble-free use.

Choosing the right CRM is crucial to optimizing your business processes and strengthening your customer relationships.


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