We determine the evolution of your infrastructure and your applications by selecting the services and technologies according to your assumptions (Budget, Deadlines, Security, Adoption, ...).

We deal with obsolescence issues as well as persistent legacy through our Hybrid solutions.

Our developers are completely transforming your applications to fit cloud architectures.

Security and Financial Optimization are an integral part of our methodology.

Eligibility & Cartography





Let's define the architecture that suits you

Expand, Deploy, Migrate, Transform

your applications

to the Cloud

Lift & Shift




#1 Advice


The Assessment assesses your eligibility to migrate and the associated risks.

The eligibility or auditing of your information system will allow you to obtain an accurate map of your applications and thus to discover the inter-dependencies between them, which is decisive for orchestrating a migration.


This step will allow us:

  • to carry out a complete inventory of your Information System;

  • identify system, network and storage performance metrics and define the target architecture;

  • define the solutions and services that correspond to you: Cloud, IaaS, CaaS, PaaS, SaaS, Hybridization, Serverless, Container, NoSQL, Resources, Microservices, Elasticity, Infinite Scalability, Autoscaling, Resilience, etc.

  • to develop the migration plan, 

  • d’évaluer l'investissement projet  : fondation, migration, déploiement et consommation Cloud


The assessment allows you to establish the best cloud strategy.

Accelerate your growth by benefiting from the contributions of the Cloud.


  • Elasticity adjusts the resources in real time according to your activity.


  • Infinite scalability allows applications to simultaneously manage millions of users without impacting response time.

  • Automation speeds up deployment and rebuilding of your applications


  • Cloud Resilience will help business Continuity and Recovery in a Crisis

  • The industrialization of the operating procedures makes it possible to put the production into a non-event.

  • The Serverless execution model removes Middlewares, server capabilities and storage.



An architecture optimized in Best Practices that will meet your requirements in terms of availability, security, performance and budget, without disrupting the development of your business.


#2 Transformation

We make sure that cloud architecture and migration patterns match your ambitions, while industrial processes, tools, and automation provide risk management.



A complete offer:

Migration strategy taking into account your business impact

Risk identification





Application Development & Modernization

Cost optimization


Lift and shift

This is the simplest and fastest approach.


It's about moving machines from historical data centers directly into the cloud without making any other changes.


The advantage of this method is that it requires little effort, since it does not change the application.


Some applications can not be migrated to the cloud because they run on systems that are not available in the cloud (OS version, server type, etc.).


So that the application can take advantage of IasS PaaS services, we will change its platform.



The best of the benefits of the cloud.

Cloudification involves completely transforming an application to fit cloud architectures.


The application is re-designed: auto-scaling, loadbalancing, auto-repair ...


An application originally thought for a historical datacenter can become cloud ready.



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