Passionate about the digital transformation, pioneers in the implementation of infrastructure projects and

redesign applications, we note for several years a disruption in use.

Working methodologies, Cloud, On-demand services are a central issue of acceleration and optimization

for the company.

3 Squads


Consultants & Experts

Eligibility & Mapping Recommendation Budget Define your architectures






Build your projects

Consultants & Pain-tester


Know-how, compliance and risk management



Secure your infrastructure and data


Service Centers


Outsourcing of all or part of management and operations of your IS.


Tooling, ITSM, Portal, Process and CMBD

Manage your Private and Public Cloud

We are developing hybrid applications

and infrastructures.

Anakot is committed to the whole phases of your cloud transformation.

We define and implement your Cloud strategy, while securing your existing IT assets.


Our Engineers, Experts and Developers support you in the deployment and transformation of your applications.


The SysOps exploits components

of a hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure

(Hardware, Virtualization, Operating System, Network Devices, Storage, Hyper-Convergence, Cloud Provider) with an Infrastructure as a Code method and tool.

This industrialization enables the continuous deployment and continuous integration (CI / CD) required by DevOps teams.


Design and develop solutions in DevOps environments, facilitating the integration and continuous deployment of applications with market standards.

Application transformation is a major competitive advantage in the current digitalization context.

We adopt a DevOps philosophy to automate the supervision of your production, accelerate the deployment of your business applications and streamline migrations.

Buy, Master, Optimize your Cloud

Financial discipline combined

with a technology solution to optimize your company's cloud spend.

Partner Network


Our talents are the keystone of mutual success. As such,

maintain commitment, ensure working conditions conducive to creativity, initiative and promote the development of each are our convictions.

  • Etre accompagné par des profils expérimentés dans votre parcours au sein d'une ESN experte dans les métiers des infrastructures IT et solutions Cloud Hybrides

  • Participer à la construction et à l'évolution de nos offres de services,

  • Intervenir sur des dossiers en avant-vente et porter des démarches commerciales

  • Etre consulté pour le choix de vos missions

  • Etre formé et certifié sur les technologies et solutions innovantes

  • Participerez au développement de nos événements techniques internes et externes

Your fulfillment is our priority, we are at your disposal. We are looking for the mission adapted to your ambitions.

Working conditions conducive to development. We are building a training and certification plan together.

We are in solidarity. We offer our employees facilities and a complete package.

Committed and involved, all your efforts are taken into account. For each cooptation, a bonus. For all commercial leads detected, you are interested in the result as well as the economic development of the company.

Cloud Consultants

SysOps / DevOps Engineers

Security Consultants

Cloud Project Managers

Engineers: Systems / Networks / Storage / Security / Virtualization

Studies and Developments



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